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Welcome to WebPortal! Here you will find links to all the services we offer. Some feature may require you to have a WebPortal Connect ID. If you do not have one you can register here.WebPortal Repairs is now online!Our new WebPortal Design site is due to be launched before the end of summer! WebPortal Connect is now online. Leigh852.com will soon be migrating to WebPortal CRYNOS Servers. You may find leigh852.com behaving unusual during this transition periode. You will be informed well in advanced of when you will be migrated.

Welcome to WebPortal

This is WebPortal , a free, fully standards-compliant platorm for web app development. Please feel free to browse and use the services from WebPortal.


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Hosted in-house on CRYNOS

WebPortal is now fully hosted in house in our very own data centre. This is a major breakthrough as it offers us the opportunities to do things with WebPortal we would not have been unable to previously. Also because WebPortal is hosted on WebPortal CRYNOS Servers it gives the website and web services we offer much higher speeds and lower latency.


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What service would you like to use?

We offer many free services to anybody who wishes to use them. Some may require you to have a WebPortal Account.



We're moving forward...

We are currently trialing a new UI for our web services. You can veiw a preview of this here.


WebPortal Media OS2

We have just finnished testing WebPortal Media OS2 and have began rolling it out on all CRYNOS servers. More information will be available soon on webportal-live.com/wpm

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WebPortal, A solid Foundation

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WebPortal Progress

Today we have started implementing WebPortal Dynamic™ into all of WebPortal™ systems. This allows us to make WebPortal™ much more streamlined and less varied from page to page by making every page search for changes in what we call Dynamic-Head. This keeps every page up-to-date with links, site navigation, site news and content etc.

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Want to register to be a beta tester?

So your interested in WePortal and want to be a beta tester. Well first of all make sure you know a little about WebPortal and what we do. You can learn about WebPortal by following this link. Secondly WebPortal beta testers only have access to a small number of WebPortal's features. This is due to certian legal, logistical and technical problem that we will hopefully overcome. Thirdly, WebPortal is still in its very early stages and currently only open to a very small group of beta testers.

In order to become a beta tester please email your name, address and a little about yourself, plus why you think you should be a beta tester to tester@webportal-live.com and you should recieve an instant responce from WebPortal telling you if your submission has been recieved.


All data collected from users by WebPortal WILL NOT be viewed or sent to ANY third party this includes your email address

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